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Jesus Our Perfect Example: Lessons From The Wilderness Part Three

This is the third in a series, Jesus Our Perfect Example: Lessons From The Wilderness, I have been doing for the past two weeks. I have already treated Part One and Two in the Previous posts. This week, I bring you Part Three.

7: Guard Against Unbelief
If thou be the Son of God... (Matthew 4:3). "...If thou be the Son of God...." These are familiar words; we hear them everyday in different forms: “If you are a Christian, why are you still not married?" "If you're a Christian, why haven't you gotten a job yet?" "You say you're a Christian, why are things not going well with you?" "You claim you're a Christian, look at your friends, they are all doing well, but you, you can't even make ends meet". Sometimes, we even ask ourselves those same questions. Ever asked yourself "WHY ME?" I believe we‘ve heard these words before, if not in the same wordings, they have appeared in different forms.

Now you understand why I …