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Easter Has Pagan Origins: My Thoughts

What Does Easter Mean To You?

It's Easter, a period Christians celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though Easter as we have it today has its origins in pagan beliefs, we must not lose sight of it's significance today. I will do another post to explain why I believe though, Easter has pagan origins, there's nothing wrong celebrating it today as Christian. 
In this post however, I am making available for free download an ebook with the thoughts of different people's view of Easter. Follow this link to download...
The bodily resurrect ion of the Lord Jesus Christ which we celebrate in this season as Easter is one of the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith. He died and rose again thus reconciling sinful humanity to the Father through the efficacy of the finished work on Calvary. He died in our place as a ransom for our sins. He appeased God’s wrath for the punishment of our sins. (See Isaiah 53:4-6).His death and resurrection paved the way for everyone who will …

Five Pitfalls To Avoid In Life(Final Submission)

Today I bring to a close this series started last week. I have treated Don't Live By The Expectations of Others, Living In The Past, Living For Temporal Things and Living By Sight(Unbelief, Doubt).

Here is the fifth and final submission. 

  5: Walking Away From Truth
From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him(John 6:66). How do you handle truth when it's presented to you? Do you walk away or you embrace and live it? Here, we see disciples; people who have been following Jesus offended because He told them the truth of who He truly is. In John 6, every single truth about Jesus offended the people. I am the bread of life; they got offended. I came from heaven; they got offended:
....Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? how is it then that he saith, I came down from heaven? (John 6:42). Truth is not always pleasant, especially if it challenges and confronts our way of life. An example is the young rich ru…

Five Pitfalls To Avoid In Life(Four)

Today I continue with the series, Five Pitfalls To Avoid In Life. This is a continuation of a five point series from portions of John Six. This is the fourth point in the series. For a quick recap, please see Don't Live The Expectations Of Others,Living In The Past and Living For Temporal Things.

Here we go with the fourth point:

Five Pitfalls To Avoid In Life (Three)