Psalms 68:11
  • The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.
The word has to go forth, the word has to spread. I want to personally call on any Christian who can write and have a passion to write to take it seriously and work at it. If you got passion to write, digest these.

1. Writing is a Ministry

In biblical days, there were scribes whose main duty was to pen down the words of God and the words of the prophet. I personally view writing as an extension of the ministry of the teacher, a ministry that has greatly been sidelined. Don't you love it when you hear a great bible teacher? The word is sweet when rightly divided. Word upon word, precerpt upon precerpt. There is a great need in our days for teachers. Teachers of the word, and I personally believe writing can bridge that gap.

2. You should have a message

Every messenger carries a message. The Christian message of salvation has many facets and every individual based on their experiences can relate with a particular message more than others. What is the message you carry? You might not appeal to all, but if God gave you that message, you have to communicate it.

3. Writing is a gift.

Everyone has been positioned in a place in the body of Christ where they can most function. Some can sing, some can play instruments, some exalt,encourage and edify. Now, I believe some can also write. In my experience,I say this to the glory of God, I write “freely“, I hardly “think“. I just need the basic understanding of a scripture and I take off. If writing comes to you freely, consider using it to spread the gospel of Christ

4. Writing is not a quick money making scheme.

With our modern day craze about money and the much heightened infoprenuership concept, you might be tempted to see writing as a quick money scheme. Unfortunately, there are pitfalls in writing. You might say God gave you the message so it will sell. Sorry, unless you have a publisher who can market your books, or you got a large congregation. But if you self finance your publishing and are a “not known“ name, then patience,time and hardwork is needed to get back your investment and make profit. Obviously, you need to make profit to continue writing.

Watch out for tit-bits to be a good Christian Author


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