Please Turn To The Table Of Content

I have been yearning to do this write-up for some time now due to observations I have made in Church amongst Christians, but the inspiration has not been strong. On the 11th of Marc, 2014, during a family devotion at dawn, we had to read a text from lamentation. While opening the Bible, one family member asked me: “where is Lamentation”. After Jeremiah I answered.

So I paused the devotion and asked a general question: “why don't people turn to the table of content when a Scripture is mentioned and they can't locate it?”. I got the most obvious answer; “people will think you are not spiritual and don't know the Bible”. I was excited, my thoughts have been confirmed. O! So it's about what people will think?

Erroneously, for many who grew up in church, we have been brought up and conditioned to believe that your ability to know the chronological arrangement of the books of the Bible indicates your spirituality and knowledge of the Bible. Remember the Bible drills? We are forced to memorize the books of the Bible and the exact order they appear. This, it looks has produced a false sense of spirituality amongst adults. Have you noticed how in church you see people frantically trying to locate a Scripture a speaker has mentioned without success? 

Maybe, you have not just noticed; it actually might have happened to you. It does happen to me sometimes; but me I don't waste time at all. I go straight for the Table of Content. Easy! No endless, frantic flipping through the pages of the Bible to locate a text. There's a reason for the table of content in every book, including the Bible. It's meant to help the reader easily navigate the pages of the book. If The Table Of Content is of no use to you, then maybe you should tear it from your Bible. Drastic measure right? You see, you are no less spiritual for referring to the table of content, neither are you more spiritual for not referring to the Table of Content. Please if in doubt, turn to The Table of Content.

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