Her name is Laeticia: Laeticia Ofinibo. Laeticia is a good friend and a colleague at work. One day we joined a taxi together to the office. We were listening to one of the private radio station‘s morning show, and it was announced a businessman has subsidised a number of tickets for a program. When she heard the advert, she exclaimed “O God bless me so I will be a blessing.”

Within a split of a second, I heard her again: “Enoch I am wrong, I am already blessed to be a blessing.” Now what happened was that she immediately realised( what we later took to be the Holy Spirit speaking to her) that, blessings is not only monetary. She has health, she is blessed. She has a job, she‘s blessed. She has an education, she's blessed. She doesn't need tons of money to be a blessing. She can start with what she has--- her time, her talents, her abilities, her kind words etc and these can be used in little ways to touch other lives.

I saw it that day: she was excited. It looked like heavens had dropped a gift into her heart; and truly that was what it was. Her heart has been enlightened with truth and she was all over the place. Today, just as Laeticia realised she's blessed, Know that you are already blessed. The little you have can make a difference. Don't wait for any special period in your life. Today is the opportune time to bless somebody with what you have.

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