• “...the Lord has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him leader of his people (1 Samuel 13:14NIV)

The moment you are born, you automatically enter into training for leadership. You're that leader God is looking for to make a difference in your generation. You're a leader; you don't necessarily have to lead a large organization to count yourself a leader.

Leadership is influence, and everbody at a point in their life will carry influence. Note that one day, we will all fall into one of these categories: Father or Mother, Husband or Wife, Father-in-Law or Mother-in-Law, Brother-in-law or Sister-law, Brother or Sister, Friend or Colleague. I have used the everyday life relationship to let you know that at every point in your life, you will carry influence.

Can God count on you to fulfil his agenda on earth? “A man/woman after God‘s own heart to be appointed a leader...“ Are you available?


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